When I got to Farrell Treatment I was alone, scared, hopeless. I really didn’t want to go on anymore. As soon as I got there I felt something different. This place wasn’t like any of the other treatment centers I had been to.  It had a family type atmosphere.  I felt like a person and not a number. While there I was educated on my disease and worked on some of my mental illness. The longer I was there the feelings I came with started to subside.  I never felt anything less than love during my time here.  When I was released I was told to not hesitate to come back if I needed to. After I left I acquired around 9 months of clean time.  More than any other attempt at recovery I had in past.  I truly believe that Farrell Treatment played a massive role in that. 

When it was time to go back to treatment I was sure Farrell was the place for me to go.  When I got there for the second time the staff remembered who I was and welcomed me back with open arms.  Once again felt nothing but love.  Anyone that asks me where I recommend for treat I always say Farrell is my one and only recommendation.  Farrell holds a very special place in my heart.  I still volunteer my time there by working to bring in NA meetings to the clients on a regular basis.  I love this place. Definitely the place to be to start out you recovery.

– Brandon

I’ve been to Farrell twice.  Once when I was 19 the other when I was 28, that’s a big gap.

The staff actually cares. They want to see you do better.  The groups are no joke and dive into root cause and solutions. The after care is amazing. The fact they don’t just grow you out is amazing. They will find somewhere safe for you to go. The I.O.P saved me because now I was out on my own and going 3 days a week with people like myself and a Clinician who cares and really helped me stay on a narrow path. I even worked at Farrell for a few months and it was still just how I remember. It is because of Farrell I have 5 years clean and sober.

– Joshua

What  Farrell means to me. Let me start by first telling you Farrell phone number has always been in my phone not as Farrell House it was Farrell Home

When I came to Farrell in 2010 I was sick, frail and beaten down as I never have been in my life. I was unemployed and unemployable. Penniless and feeling worthless

I was taught of addiction and sobriety. They helped me find myself.  I started realizing I was not worthless.  Farrell is such a very special place to me. I owe the Farrell House and staff  a ton gratitude.

Farrell is a very unique place. The staff cares and there is a special feeling of the building and it’s history. I’m alive and well today with the Love from Farrell.

I always wanted to work at Farrell but my self-esteem would not allow me to even ask. Recently I celebrated 8 years sobriety and two years working for Farrell. I have a job I love and It doesn’t feel like work to me.

When I speak of Farrell I get goosebumps …that says what I can’t say.

– Kirby