Change Your Life Today


Change Your Life Today

Seeking treatment takes courage, but it can often be stressful and scary. The Farrell Treatment Center promises to work with you to make the admissions process as easy as possible so you or your loved one can focus on recovery.

The first step to recovery is making a call. Family members can call about a loved one provided the Farrell Treatment Center can receive the client’s consent and speak to them directly about admissions. The Farrell Treatment Center also accepts self-referrals and referrals from detox centers or hospitals. Self-referrals require an additional assessment by clinical staff to determine if the residential program is the appropriate starting point.

Every admission to Farrell begins with an intake. Once an individual or a referrer calls the Farrell Treatment Center, a clinician will conduct a phone screening and schedule an intake interview. The intake interview is a 2-hour assessment with a clinician to understand the client’s physical history, social history, and drug history. Once the intake and assessment have been completed, the Farrell Treatment Center staff will direct clients to the residential, intensive outpatient (IOP), or outpatient programs and work with each client individually to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Farrell is a 24-hour facility. With proper documentation requirements, admissions approval, and medical clearance, a client can be admitted at any time of the day.

We believe that no one should be denied treatment services based on their ability to pay. That’s why the Farrell Treatment Center is committed to providing services at the most affordable rates in the area.

Farrell’s outpatient and intensive outpatient services take various form of insurance. At the moment, the residential program is only open to Medicaid-insured clients. In addition, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) has provided grant funding to cover the costs of treatment for uninsured or underinsured clients.

Want to know if your insurance covers treatment at Farrell? Call us at 860-225-4641 to learn more!

What To Expect After Admission?

After the intake process, clients will be directed to the residential, intensive outpatient, or outpatient programs at one of Farrell’s location. Residential clients should prepare for their stay at Farrell’s location at 586 Main Street in New Britain.

Intensive Residential Treatment

An inpatient program for men with primary substance use disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Available for both men and women that need support and structure while living in the community.

Individual & Group Outpatient Therapy

Specialized outpatient counseling offered in group, individual or family therapies.